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Hotspot Gateway SBR95M-HS Hardware & Software Solution f. Hotels

Article No. 81782  Model: SBR95M-HS

Hotspot Gateway for 50 concurrent users, included integrated 150MBit access point extendable with any (and many) access points, ideally for hotels

Hotspot SBR95M-HS Hotspot Gateway SBR95M-HS Hardware & Software Solution f. Hotels

205.00 EUR  
243.95 € incl. 19% VAT
3 pcs 10.8 % discount
30 pcs Inquiry
Product features
  • For 2000 users in stock, thereof 50 concurrent users, or for around 50 hotel rooms
  • 150MBit DualSSID Accesspoint included
  • Hardware: 350MHz MIPS CPU, 64MB RAM 16MB system memory
  • Network Ethernet: 1x WAN/LAN, 4x Hotspot
  • Network WiFi: 1x Hotspot, 1x WAN/LAN/PrivateNet (WPA2)
  • Power: external adapter 12V 0.6A, Power consumption only 4W
  • Dimensions (BxDxH) 113x89x30mm, 0.2Kg
  • Certification: CE, FCC, RoHS, WEEE
  • Warranty: 24 months
  • Installation and configuration phone assistance is included
  • further properties

Sylbek Hotspot Function
Customers and visitors with their internet capable device who find themselves within range of your hotspot are able to see your WLAN SSID (which you name by wish) and can connect with it. As soon as an user call up a web page they will be directed to your welcome page (which you can change as you wish). In case of hotspot simplified login, users can use Internet right after accepting your Terms and Conditions. You can set for the time and speed limits of internet use.

Sylbek Hotspot can be reconfigured to request for username and password (or only password). Should the customer not have any access codes they can use your contact information found on the welcome page. Right from the delivery we enter the invoice recipient as point of contact.
An overview of welcome page with 3 login methods is to be find under the product: Hotspot Anmeldung durch Bestaetigung von AGB Begrüßungseite

If your customers and guests are required to login by username and password, you have to create users. For this purpose we have provided the Print Manager. Withit you can produce access codes in large numbers, in the form of a credit card in your own design, during quiet periods, to keep in stock.

We also offer preconfigured access point that are adjusted with Sylbek Hotspot. These Dual SSID access points additionally display a private network which, is for employees and system administrators, and is protected with WPA2 encryption. When you join this network you are of course directly connected to your Internet router and have access to all other devices on your private network.

On delivery you will receive a short printed guide which describes how to connect the device and setup users. The device will be preconfigured so as soon as it is connected to your DHCP router, will receive all the necessary IP settings after proper connecting.

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